Livingston ISD superintendent calls pandemic ‘academic disaster’ for students

OPEN CAMPUS: Dr. Brent Hawkins of Livingston ISD

LIVINGSTON, Texas (KTRE) - Superintendent Dr. Brent Hawkins says that his district’s response to the pandemic has been going well under the circumstances of a global pandemic.

Hawkins says that the district’s efforts to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and to continue educating students are a ‘phenomenal success story’ due to the combined work of all involved.

He says a good plan on paper and then translated into real life situations by faculty, staff and students have made the district as successful as possible under current conditions.

He says Livingston ISD has invested a lot of money on ventilation, UV lights, and viral overlays on all high-touch surfaces. He attributes the low number of virus transmissions to that investment.

Hawkins says that the academic fallout of the pandemic will be seen for the next four to five years, calling the current situation an ‘academic disaster’ which will take some time to recover from. He says the best thing for students is to get them all back in classrooms as soon as possible. In the meantime, he applauds the efforts of all involved to keep education moving forward in the school district.

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