’East Texas for the Missing’ provides search teams for baby; father uncooperative

Searched by foot, used K9′s, drones, and boats

’East Texas for the Missing’ provides search teams for baby; father uncooperative

WELLS, Texas (KTRE) - Week two of the search for the missing five-week-old baby from Wells continued today with added resources from Houston.

The last time the baby was seen was with his father at a family home in Wells.

Today teams that The East Texas for the Missing uses were brought in from Houston to help aid in the search for baby Armaidre Argumon. They met at the Wells Police Department and, in total, more than 50 people were out on foot and on the water.

“We wanted to bring in some outside eyes, some outside people that haven’t been involved in the case that have new resources and different ideas and let them have an opportunity to search and look as well,” said Sheriff Brent Dickson of Cherokee County.

Those resources included K9′s, drones, ATV’s, boats, and people on foot.

“We had the Texas Game Warden and our patrol captain in the Neches River, along with the search team had people in the Neches River,” Dickson said. “They’re just searching for any kind of lead. That be a diaper, clothing, the baby itself. Anything and everything that could possibly be evidence, or something that would lead us to the baby.”

To Dickson’s knowledge they have not found anything as of this afternoon. Officials are still not receiving cooperation from the father.

“I have since spoke to his attorney, and I’ve spoke to the DA, and we’re trying to arrange it to where we can all meet and try to work out something to get his cooperation,” Dickson said.

When they don’t receive cooperation, Dickson said they have to move forward based on the evidence. That’s what they’ve been doing with continued searches and interviews. He reminds the community to keep looking.

“If the father did do something with the baby to harm the baby or to hide the baby and it is deceased, he’s placed it on some property somewhere in our community,” Dickson said. “And I ask that the community stays vigilant while they’re out and about looking around.”

Dickson says the father is their lead suspect but they are not ruling anything out at this time.

“Everything is still open for investigation, we’re still looking into every avenue,” Dickson said. “Until we locate the baby or have a defined answer of what happened to the baby, we’re not going to stop looking in different directions.”

Dickson says the team is only searching today but if they find a lead, they will bring them back out.

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