TEACHER DIARY: Angelina County teacher says parents must help for learning process to be successful

TEACHER DIARY: Angelina County teacher says parents must help for virtual learning to be successful

ANGELINA COUNTY, Texas (KTRE) - We’ve started a new segment called Open Campus: Teacher Diaries where we hear teachers' perspectives about what is going on in East Texas classrooms this school year.

This week, an Angelina County teacher shares their perspective on the struggles students face with virtual learning and how the district and teachers are working hard.

“As a school system we are working hard to connect with families. Teachers are spending numerous hours planning, preparing, and delivering face to face instruction. We are also required to maintain a class website for our online learners. We are contacting parents; trying to encourage kids to participate, and stay on top of grades," the teacher said. “I have noticed many of our online kids are not completing assignments and when they return, they will say they did not participate, but are confused by a low grade. As educators, we know kids benefit from a school setting, but we respect a parent’s right to choose.”

The teacher says it is crucial for parents to be involved in the education process in order for student learning to be successful.

"Parents and students we need your help! When students are absent, please check the class website, all make up work is there. Students learning is important and we need your help taking education seriously. Please work to the best of your ability and try. Please ask questions. We want to help. Also, as we continue this new norm, we ask for grace.

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