SFA responds to statements from attorney of student who was subject of false report

SFA responds to statements from attorney of student who was subject of false report
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From Stephen F. Austin State University

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (News Release) - Stephen F. Austin State University wants to take this opportunity to respond to the attorney representing SFA student Christin Evans regarding the police bodycam video depicting the events that took place during a false police report at a residence hall on Sept. 14, 2020.

In a statement released to the media, Randall Kallinen made accusations that Ms. Evans and her parents were denied an opportunity to view the police bodycam video.

In fact, in communications with attorney Kallinen, the family was invited to view the video provided they agree to release it to the public. The documented invite was made on Oct. 1 during email communications with SFA legal counsel. A consent form to release the body cam video was also emailed to attorney Kallinen on Sept. 30.

SFA also denies all claims of intimidation and accusations of releasing deceptively edited police bodycam video.

The Evans family and their attorney have also expressed concerns of releasing the police bodycam video because Christin was in her sleepwear. The video will show she was wearing a t-shirt and shorts when officers entered her room.

SFA remains committed to transparency. SFA has never threatened to release the video without permission. Rather, we call on Christin Evans and her family to join us in this effort of transparency and release the police bodycam video.

There has not yet been a face-to-face meeting with Christin, her parents, and attorney. We invite them to join us this week at their convenience.

The doors at SFA are always open!