Caught on Camera: 2 men in pickup truck swipe new refrigerator from Aaron’s store

VIDEO: 2 men steal refrigerator from Aaron's Rent-to-Own (Source: Henderson PD)

HENDERSON, Texas (KLTV) - A surveillance camera showed two men in the act of stealing from a rental store.

The surveillance video shows what appears to be a dark, older model Dodge pickup truck pull up behind Aaron’s Rent-To-Own on Hwy 79 South. A large refrigerator is seen against the building near a bay door, and it is wrapped up in plastic.

The truck backs up to the appliance, and two men exit the cab. They are seen leaning the refrigerator over and sliding it into the bed of the truck. The driver tosses onto the ground a tire that was blocking the refrigerator from fitting. They close the tailgate and then drive away.

Henderson Police Department asks that anyone who recognizes these men call Det. Miley at 903- 657- 3512.

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