“God over everything” Diboll 9-year-old starts his own t-shirt business

“God over everything” Diboll 9-year-old starts his own t-shirt business
Updated: Oct. 6, 2020 at 6:57 PM CDT
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DIBOLL, Texas (KTRE) - One East Texas boy has created his own t-shirt business with a little inspiration and help from the people closest to him.

Alex Emmons is a young entrepreneur from Diboll, who thought of a creative idea and his parents were the first to know.

“I asked them if I could create my own shirt. I sat down in the kitchen thinking of what shirt I should do, and then my daddy came in and he said, ‘God over everything,' which I thought sounded good. So, I drew up a picture for the logo,” said business owner Alex Emmons.

With a black t-shirt and white lettering on the shirt, the message is bold, ‘God over everything.'

“My goal is to sell at least a thousand shirts, maybe.”

Besides learning how to manage and save the extra income, he says it goes to other places as well.

“I pay my tithes, and pay for other stuff for my business,” Emmons said.

Annysue Emmons says Alex is a persistent 9-year-old, and she and her husband took his idea seriously. It started with a post on Facebook.

“Friends, family and even people we didn’t know started buying the shirts,” said Emmons. “It has been inspirational to me too, because he wasn’t afraid of rejection or not selling any shirts. Did you think that you might not sell any shirts?”

“No, I really wasn’t thinking about that. Even if I did not sell any shirts, I still wanted to do it,” Alex said.

To much of Alex’s surprise, he has sold over 75 shirts already.

The first time we shipped out after we launched, we had such a huge response that we did not expect all at once. So, it is definitely a family affair. My husband showed us how to fold, we did the tags and then we helped stuff the bags," said Emmons. “Alex loves God. So, I would say that that the passion behind it is showing his love for God.”

Alex also plans on releasing “God Over Everything” face masks soon.

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