72 ballots missing school board, bond info in Huntington on first day of early voting

72 ballots missing school board, bond info in Huntington on first day of early voting

HUNTINGTON, Texas (KTRE) - Early voting began yesterday and when voters in Precinct 11B of Huntington got to the polls, they noticed that the School Board and School Bond issues were not at the bottom of their ballot. Angelina County Elections Administrator Elizabeth Hawkins says their ballot style was not assigned correctly in the tablets.

“There wasn’t a letter ‘B.’ It had one of the 11′s ballot styles on there, instead of the 11B ballot style on there,” Hawkins said.

This year Hawkins said they are working with 39 ballot styles. Usually they have about 15 ballot styles so the coding is more extensive.

“When that happened, we found out, we immediately called all locations,” Hawkins said. “We let them know if anybody came in and they wanted to vote a ballot, what would happen was, we manually inserted a blank activation card into the ExpressVote, and we were able to select their correct ballot style.”

Huntington ISD’s Superintendent David Flowers says he was called out of his office twice yesterday when voters had complaints. The first man said he and his wife’s ballots were missing the two issues.

“We had some that’s related to someone in our office that was down there, this was 15-20 minutes later. A red flag went up when he told me that, and then 15-20 minutes later they came to get me and said there was someone down there,” Flowers said. “He was not casting his ballot, he told them, and this gentleman said he told the worker ‘This wasn’t on there,’ and it kind of got pushed to the side.”

The man stayed and was able to cast his ballot manually. The elections administration was able to fix the issue late last night. The Secretary of State told Flowers that 71 of the 72 voters can’t vote twice. The potential consequence would be a contested election.

Flowers said he is disappointed.

“The thing for me that’s disappointing is that they showed up, with their right to vote, and because of a mistake made by the county, they didn’t get a chance to vote on two crucial, the school board election,” he said. “There are three men running for one of the spots that’s open, they didn’t get to vote on that for their representation on the school board. And they didn’t get to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on the bond.”

Hawkins said that she is in contact with the county attorney to see if there’s anything that they can do.

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