TxDOT crews prepare roadways, offer tips for Hurricane Laura safety

TxDOT crews prepare roadways, offer tips for Hurricane Laura safety

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - TxDOT Tyler is doing their part in Hurricane Laura preparations. They’ve been functioning as a support unit ready to head out to Lufkin or Beaumont if and when necessary. They’ve cleared routes for evacuees to travel away from the storm, and they’ve staffed crews to try to prepare roadways that are infamous for flooding.

Kathi White, TxDOT Tyler’s Public Information Officer, explains some ways they’ve prepared.

“We’ve made sure ditches are open and things like that to catch any of that water. Some of those roadways don’t require excessive rain to flood, and so really a flood is a flood and there’s nothing we can really do about that per se. So, what we’re looking for is monitoring going in, assessing coming out, and getting our crews out as quickly as possible.”

Smith County and City of Tyler leaders met today to discuss preparations for Hurricane Laura. Smith County Judge Nathaniel Moran is getting ready for the aftermath of the storm, saying, “The things we’re focused on right now is making sure we’re prepared for any downed trees, clearing roads, flooding on roads, signage. Those type of issues are the type we expect, if any, as a result of Hurricane Laura.”

White says TxDOT crews are equipped to efficiently handle any downed trees or debris that might litter the streets. But reminding drivers to be safe is always a part of their pre-storm prep. She tells drivers to remember two things.

“If there are barricades up, you do not remove barricades or try to go around them. And you do not drive through water that’s over the road because you have no idea what lies beneath.”

To keep an eye out on updates on highway conditions and any road closures, visit TxDOT at this link.

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