Equipment stolen from nonprofit who built house ramp for East Texas family

Updated: Oct. 19, 2020 at 6:36 PM CDT
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POINT BLANK, Texas (KTRE) - A church ministry group preparing to build a deck for a Point Blank, Texas, family in need discovered their tools from their trailer were gone.

“Discouraged, I guess you might say. Disappointed that somebody would do that.”

These were the emotions that Willard Moody felt when he found out everything was missing from a tool trailer. Not a personal tool trailer, but one belonging to his church’s ministry group, Noah’s Helpers.

“We came into existence in 2004 and it’s a ministry group of our church, and we just named ourselves Noah’s Helpers,” Moody said. “Our focus is to help people primarily with mobility issues.”

The group was put in contact with the Caylor family, whose mother is moving in with them for health reasons, but it’s been a struggle to use the stairs out front.

“It was a struggle for her getting up,” said son David Caylor. “It was a struggle for us to help her get up those steps, and that’s where we needed the ramp to make it more accessible.”

The Caylors provided the materials, and Noah’s Helpers came with the manpower, only to be met with a loss. Moody says when he checked the side door of the trailer, the locks were cut and everything but an extension ladder was taken.

“So we unhooked from the trailer and I went home to gather up as many tools as I could, then came on over and met the guys and we built the ramp,” Moody said.

The retired carpenters have a passion for the project and excelled with the tools they had. Caylor says they never complained or dwelled on the issue.

“It was like watching a picture being painted. They all fit like a hand in a glove,” Caylor said. “I mean it was just like everybody clicked with each other, even without the proper tools that they normally have.”

Caylor’s mother says she’s been able to move more independently.

“Thank you,” said Linda Caylor. “Thank you, thank you. They have, well I guess by now they do know how appreciative we are. Because we are very appreciative. My daughter in law found them and I don’t know how I’d be making it if it wasn’t for them.”

Moody says they have a build planned for this week and the community has already responded with donations.

If you are interested in donating you can write a check to First United Methodist Church in Livingston and in the memo line write ‘Noah’s Helpers, tool trailer.’

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