City leaders ask Nacogdoches to remain ‘open-minded’ about COVID-19 rules

City leaders ask Nacogdoches to remain ‘open-minded’ about COVID-19 rules

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - City Manager Mario Canizares arrived in Nacogdoches in the midst of COVID-19 difficulties in August 2020.

“There was a lot of uncertainty, and people were scared and didn’t know what to do," Canizares said during the Nacogdoches Chamber of Commerce stakeholders conference call. Misinformation ran rampant."

Today, Canizares stressed an open line of communication to share reliable information. Currently, Nacogdoches hospitals report the pandemic is manageable, but city leaders know to remain vigilant during a time when others are developing COVID-19 fatigue.

“A lot of this is voluntary, and so while we’re trying to be cognizant of people’s rights and freedoms," Canizares said. "It’s just become everybody’s responsibility to do the right thing.”

It is a continuation of following CDC guidelines, something still important as visitors continue to make their way to Nacogdoches.

Sherry Morgan, the Nacogdoches Convention and Visitors Center director, shared numbers from a recent weekend.

“This past Saturday, which wasn’t a graduation, wasn’t a major holiday, but our walk-in traffic here at the Charles Bright Visitors Center was 108 and that is really outstanding," Morgan said.

While that is good for revenue and quality of life, city leaders remind residents that COVID-19 can change rapidly.

“If things continue to worsen or did get worse, we would more than likely restrict any major public gatherings, any special public events that may be scheduled," Canizares said. “Those will not happen.”

The community goal is to continue taking precautions, so those measures aren’t necessary.

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