Group giving back to woman who helped orchestrate much of East Texas hurricane clean up

Group giving back to woman who helped orchestrate much of East Texas hurricane clean up

KIRBYVILLE, Texas (KTRE) - It’s been almost two months since Hurricane Laura came through East Texas, followed by Delta, and both of them left people’s homes destroyed.

Recovery groups are still hard at work and one group is giving back to a woman who has helped orchestrate much of the East Texas recovery efforts.

Kirbyville resident Billie Jordan is the Executive Director for Jasper Newton Long Term Recovery, and she is no stranger to helping others. She said their group started after Hurricane Harvey devastated their communities. They were on the last home of their grant before the two most recent storms hit Jasper and Newton counties.

“But we were on our last home. They told us it’s coming towards us, and so, our contractor finished the Tuesday before,” Jordan said. “He literally got off the roof and went home to get his house ready to evacuate.”

Jordan says once it was safe, she checked on her home to make sure it was okay and went directly to her church to begin taking phone calls from people in need.

“It’s pretty much all the time. It’s nothing for us to do 50-60 hours a week, especially at the beginning of it,” Jordan said. “When we have homes that we’re actually working on.”

Godfrey Hubert is the Executive Director at Texas Congregational Disaster Readiness. He and Jordan met through a volunteer conference call.

“Billie is an inspiration to everybody that knows her. She’s just a very selfless person with a huge heart that just loves to serve others,” Hubert said. “People like that need somebody to come up behind them and take care of them sometimes.”

Hubert said when he was preparing teams to send to Newton and Jasper he had a thought.

“I said, ‘Billie, who’s taking care of your home, your damage?’ I know that her husband has health issues," Hubert said. "She said, ‘Well, I’m putting that on the back burner, I’m taking care of other people right now.’ I said, ‘Well you keep doing that, and we’ll take care of your house.’”

Jordan said the teams helped mow the yard, cut weeds, and pick up leftover debris.

“Godfrey offered to get one of his teams to come and do that, and it really touched my heart,” she said. “But I try to focus on others and not necessarily myself, so I don’t get caught up in my own woes.”

The team came from Bayou City Fellowship Church and spent the weekend in the counties continuing to clean up and repair roofs. Jordan said they spent about three hours at her home and were able to finish everything she needed to get done.

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