Burkeville superintendent says school is going smoothly following Hurricane Laura

Burkeville superintendent says school is going smoothly following Hurricane Laura

BURKEVILLE, Texas (KTRE) - It’s been two months since Hurricane Laura made landfall and left destruction in its wake in East Texas communities and beyond.

Ann Gardner, Burkeville ISD superintendent, said students are back in school with the help of six portable buildings and lots of community support.

“We had deep cleaning, we sterilized and sanitized everything we could. We removed everything that was water damaged,” she said. “We then brought in portables; they’re set up. It’s first through sixth grade are in portables. We also have another portable bank, a bathroom and restroom so kids can wash their hands frequently during the day.”

Gardner said the upper elementary school building got roof damage, and the lower school has the roof completely torn off. Facilities, teaching materials, computers, library books and furniture have all been damaged due to Hurricane Laura.

“We’re currently working with our insurance company, architects, and engineers to begin working on our campus and getting back our building in the condition that they should be for our students,” Gardner said.

Students were out of school for two weeks while they began deep cleaning and securing the destroyed areas.

“Campus is safe right now for our kids. School is going the way it should and everything is wonderful here,” Gardner said. “We have good support from our community, we have had many donations brought to our school for books and teaching materials for our staff.”

Gardner said their school board and community have offered tremendous support. Once the facilities have been completed, the students will be moved back into the buildings.

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