Adaptive dance class in Nacogdoches teaches students motor skills, more

Adaptive dance class in Nacogdoches teaches students motor skills, more

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - A new type of dance class started recently in Nacogdoches. Inside the studio, they are creating avenues for students of all abilities.

Three weeks ago the No Limits Dance Center began adaptive dance classes. Owner Ashley Williams said it has always been something that she’s wanted to do.

“This class allows anyone to feel comfortable, no matter what disability,” Williams said. “They can come, and they can have fun learning motor skills, as well as movement throughout the day.”

Williams worked with special needs children in middle and high school. This class invites students to join who are in wheelchairs, on crutches, on foot, and more.

“The teacher that we do have is familiar with blind and deaf students,” Williams said. “So to bring in that variety as well, so that way they can learn, they can feel the vibrations, and they can move around with us as well.”

Aaron and Tina Davis have their daughter Athena in the class and sid it’s one of the first activities they’ve found in Nacogdoches for her.

“Unfortunately, Nacogdoches does not have a lot of opportunity for special needs across the board, but especially for special needs children,” said Tina Davis. “She was doing therapies through ECI until she was three, and she aged out. Now, we get it through the school, but right now we don’t have it. Because of COVID, we are not having therapy.”

Williams leads the class and Athena’s teacher moves her legs and arms depending on the movement. She also helps with color and shape recognition.

“She gets to do floor work. She gets to do stretches, pretty much therapy,” Davis said. “She gets to socialize with the kids, get pushed around real fast. She likes to go fast, and she likes bouncing, and we get to do that.”

Williams said she hopes to be able to put on a recital with the adaptive dance class.

“Bringing in a dance or showing what we are learning throughout our recital. I would love to have a festival for dance and allowing maybe a type of walk or promoting it that way and fundraising,” Williams said.

To learn more about the class or get involved, you can visit the No Limits Dancer Center Facebook page.

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