East Texas Republicans, Democrats make final push before Election Day

East Texas Republicans, Democrats make final push before Election Day
Folks from both parties are hard at work in an attempt to win over undecided voters. (Source: Blake Holland/KLTV)

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - On the eve of the election, those working and volunteering for political parties and campaigns are spending the day making their final efforts to win over undecided voters.

And while calls from volunteers are being answered by the many voters who have already cast their ballots, members of both parties say their efforts are far from over.

“We’ve talked to a lot of people and we do get a lot of support, and a lot of people have already voted,” said Lauren Synder, who is volunteering making calls for the Trump campaign.

During a call with one voter she said," with Election Day right around the corner, do you plan on voting for President Trump and the rest of the Republican ticket?” The caller replied," I already did."

Meanwhile, at the Smith County Republican Headquarters in Tyler, Community Outreach Director Cindy Nick says folks continue to stop in for Trump signs and flags.

“We’re encouraging people if you’ve already voted, don’t let down your guard,” Nick said. "Keep it going!”

And as local Republican party members work to keep Texas red, members of the Smith County Democratic Party are working to turn it blue.

“We always encourage people to vote democrat,” said Mike Nichols. “It’s just the way we are!”

Nichols is one of the state’s 38 presidential electors, meaning if Texas were to turn blue, he would be a part of history."

“Whoever has the most votes in Texas, that party sends the presidential electors, which is a part of the Electoral College," Nichols said.

“We just don’t want people staying home on Tuesday,” said Mitzi Rusk with the Smith County Democratic Club. "If they didn’t vote early, we want them to come to the polls.”

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