‘Imagine the Possibilities’ lets potential buyers take tour of downtown Nacogdoches properties

‘Imagine the Possibilities’ lets potential buyers take tour of downtown Nacogdoches properties

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Gerry Larabee has emotional ties to the building where for 26 years she ran the downtown landmark Heart of Texas.

“When we bought this building it was a total mess,” recalls Larabee.

She totally renovated and thoughtfully maintained the turn of the century building. Now in retirement with her shop dogs Gracie and Buster, Larabee is looking for a buyer with the help of Main Street’s ‘Imagine the Possibilities’.

“We call it Imagine the Possibilities because you can imagine yourself in these buildings,” explained Jessica

Sowell, the Main Street director for Nacogdoches. “Imagine your business, imagine owning a piece of downtown real estate and so it’s really a tour for people to look at buildings on the market right now.”

There are nine buildings on the tour. Retail space, office space, and even loft apartments will be featured. And sometimes all three come in one package.

“And making money from day one. You have tenants already in place,” said broker, R.J. Bohac with ETEX Realty.

Owners and realtors will push the uniqueness of downtown properties.

“The neat architecture up here. It’s not just a cookie-cutter type office. Beautiful views of downtown. Just something a little different. A little more appealing,” said Bohac of a building he was representing.

Retirements, owners seeking new business paths, and a few who were impacted by the pandemic feed the real estate market. Low-interest rates may attract someone to take their place.

“We’ve been marketing it to the East Texas area. We have also sent some spec sheets and our flyers to brokerage groups in Houston, Dallas, and Austin as well,” said Sowell.

No one likes to see vacant buildings in a downtown area, but optimism remains that Nacogdoches will survive this latest turnover of properties.

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