Resident hopes Unit Road System will bring better road maintenance to Angelina County

Resident hopes Unit Road System will bring better road maintenance to Angelina County

ANGELINA COUNTY, Texas (KTRE) - With the passing of the Unit Road System proposition this week, one person will now be responsible for county road maintenance instead of the four individual precincts.

Dirt, clay, and white rocks are what some residents drive over, daily, on Fenley Flat Road. Melinda Daniel lives in Angelina County Precinct One and says she voted for the Unit Road System.

“Because just driving out here you can see that the road has not been fixed. Their idea of fixing it is putting some asphalt in the potholes and that’s about it,” Daniel said. “What they have has not been working so we gotta do something else.”

Beginning about six months ago, Lufkin attorney Bob Flournoy asked commissioners to have the Unit Road System put on the ballot.

“They refused,” Flournoy said. “And so that then required us to go get signatures on a petition. We wound up getting about 3,400, they required us to have about 2,600.”

There were more than 32-thousand votes, and of those 76 percent were for the Unit Road System. Flournoy said commissioners will hire and oversee an individual to take on the responsibility for repairing county roads. This will likely begin with an assessment of all roads.

“That could be a process over many years, they’re going to have to have a short term plan to maintain the roads and make them passable, and then start working toward a long-term solution to fixing the roads,” Flournoy said.

Daniel’s daughter has a car low to the ground and says when she drives on certain spots her car scrapes against the ground.

“You hear it scrape whenever she hits some of the places that they’ve “fixed.” Then you have to dodge, you’re driving on the wrong side of the road because one side is so bad,” she said. “It can be dangerous.”

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