SFA football team considering one spring game in 2021

SFA football team considering one spring game in 2021

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - The SFA football team will complete a 10-game fall schedule this weekend at Memphis, with the chance of playing one game in the spring.

The Lumberjacks are 6-3 heading into their game against Memphis as big underdogs. After the game the team will go on a break before spring activities. Those spring activities could include one spring game in a college football season split between fall 2020 and spring 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“You can play 11 games at the FCS level,” head coach Colby Carthel said. "We wanted a full schedule. We played 10. We purposely did not schedule an 11th game. Because of the way the rules are set up you can play in the fall and the spring. You saw North Dakota State play a game and will now play 10 in the spring. We are looking to do the opposite of that. "

Carthel said the main benefit would be the time they spend with their student-athletes.

“It will allow us to do some things with the program from a workout standpoint and hours with our kids. It will allows us to continue to get a little more experience and time with them.”

It is tough as of now to say who that opponent could be.

“Who we will play is to be determined,” Carthel said. “[Athletic Director] Ryan Ivey and I have had discussions. We have put out some feelers and everything else. With the FCS there is a lot of condensed schedules and trying to find the right date that fits and someone who will play is challenging.”

There could be a chance the opponent is from the FBS level but Carthel said the program is leaning more towards an FCS or Division II opponent.

“We can keep score and have officials which would be a fun way to wrap up spring football. We are starting to turn the page on this semester and looking towards the spring.”

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