East Texas Ag News: This week’s hay prices remain mostly steady

East Texas Ag News

TYLER, Texas (KLTV/KTRE) - The USDA Texas Direct Hay Report says hay prices are mostly steady across the state but firming up as the majority of the state remains dry.

The winter storm that brought cooler temperatures and some snow and rain to the Northern half of the state, spurred up demand for producers that had yet to get there winter feed stash purchased.

Plus, South Texas has been dry for the last few weeks which has begun to take it’s toll on some of the fall grazing pastures in the area.

As a result, demand for hay has picked up but hay supplies in that area seem to be better than the rest of the state.

Large volumes of hay that normally come in from Oklahoma and Colorado have been limited due to drought conditions in both of those regions, which has tightened supplies and increased demand all over.

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