Nacogdoches clinics busy as people get tested for COVID-19 before Thanksgiving

Nacogdoches clinics busy as people get tested for COVID-19 before Thanksgiving

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Clinic manager Brittanie Glenn says about 50 patients a day come into the Nacogdoches Urgent Care to receive a rapid Covid-19 test. Others have to wait their turn.

“Everybody is trying to get tested before they travel for Thanksgiving season,” said Glenn to one of many phone callers.

Ian Gibson with Tenet’s Nacogdoches Medical Center confirmed a substantial increase in COVID-19 testing at its facility Med-Post Urgent Care.

And the parking lot was full at Texas Quick Care for the same reason.

Katie Aldridge was one of many wanting to do the right thing. She first got tested last week.

“I went and got tested and originally I was negative.”

Pleasing news as the SFA student was anxious to see her 80-year-old grandfather who has a lung condition.

Then just two days after being tested, “I started feeling like oh maybe I can’t smell as well. And so, I did end up going to get tested again a couple of days later and it was positive.”

One reason why health professionals warn not to let COVID-19 tests give you a false sense of security, according to Lisa King, a registered nurse and hospital board member.

“Some people will get a test because they know they’re going to be seeing family members or they’ve got somebody having surgery and they’re negative. Three days later they get sick and they’re positive. And that’s what’s so difficult for everybody to understand.”

Sharon Hough of Nacogdoches frequently goes in for COVID 19 testing. A COVID-19 test was at the top of her Thanksgiving to do list.

“My father is 94 years old and he is at the Arbor and we are going to have the opportunity to have him for Thanksgiving day and I just wanted my husband and I to be tested to make sure that everything was okay. And my sister is going to join us and she is also being tested before coming.”

With the hopes no virus is present. And Aldridge is thankful for Thanksgiving smoothies while she spend Thanksgiving alone in her apartment and knowing she won’t be spreading the virus to her grandfather and other loved ones.

Travel and gatherings are a personal choice. Health workers say masks, social distancing and small groups are precautionary measures that should be taken if you choose to travel.

We will have more on this later today.

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