Deer decoy ‘Corby’ catches night hunter’s eye

Deer decoy ‘Corby’ catches night hunter’s eye
Deer decoy “Corby” catches night-hunter’s eye (Source:

POLK COUNTY, Texas (KTRE) - Two Polk County game wardens on night patrol say their deer decoy “Corby” caught someone’s eye.

The wardens report a truck passing the decoy, slowed to a stop, reversed and used the headlights to get a look at “Corby”. They then heard the crack of a small-caliber rifle shot.

The wardens approached the truck and found a .22 caliber rifle in the back seat with a spent casing still in the rifle. The hunter then admitted to being charged for spotlighting on a public roadway near the same area a few weeks before by a different Polk County game warden.

The wardens report the alleged night-hunter was charged with hunting white-tailed deer at night, hunting white-tailed deer using artificial light and multiple Class C citations and warnings.

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