State Rep. Travis Clardy a guest at education town hall meeting in Nacogdoches

State Rep. Travis Clardy a guest at education town hall meeting in Nacogdoches
Updated: Dec. 7, 2020 at 3:42 PM CST
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NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - In Nacogdoches, one of 15 nonpartisan town hall events brought educators and a state legislator together. The discussion with Representative Travis Clardy was hosted by Raise Your Hand Texas Foundation. The meetings attempt to keep local issues affecting schools before their legislative district representative.

There are distractions that ‘could’ compete with education.

Clardy talked some. “The effect of COVID.” “The downturn of the energy sector.” “The Emergency Stabilization Fund, referred to as the Rainy Day Fund.”

Rep. Clardy assures educators the passage of a sweeping education bill last session will provides protection.

“We are duty bound to follow through and continue to fund public education in Texas.”

When Monday’s moderator, SFA dean of education Dr. Judy Abbott hears the projected state deficit of more than $4.5 billion she shared, “It makes me quake when I hear that.”}

“You do need to look at this in the broader context of the overall budget of the State of Texas,” suggested Clardy. “Last session we passed for the first time a quarter of a trillion--with a T-- budget for Texas. $250-billion in that budget. (The deficit) It’s manageable. It may be painful, but it’s manageable.”

Among the top three issues listed by Raise Your Hand Texas is the expansion of broadband. Clardy notes the internet has already done so much for education, but the pandemic creates a realization that more needs to be accomplished.

“That has been a leveling of the playing field. That said, there’s still not equitable and fair.”

Raise Your Hand Texas efforts don’t stop at town hall meeting, according to Keri Launius the Regional Advocacy Director for East Texas-”Continue to have conversations with them about the importance of public education in Texas, about the importance of COVID response, the importance of school finance and the importance of having a fair accountability system in the state.”

Lobbying for education, however restricted due to COVID-19, will continue.

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