Texas food banks could face grocery shortages next year

Texas food banks could face grocery shortages next year
With thanksgiving dinner coming up, The East Texas Food Bank is expanding their help to families in need this holiday season. East Texas news spoke with organizers on how you can participate in this drive-thru distribution. (Source: Copyright 2020 KLTV. All rights reserved.)

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Food banks across Texas anticipate food shortages going into next year as some federal and state programs will be coming to an end once the year is over.

CEO of East Texas Food Bank, Dennis Cullinane, tells us “we do rely quite a bit on the federal government especially during this crisis, from a food supply end, to make sure that those products continue to flow to us because our food insecurity has grown drastically since last march when covid-19 hit.” He adds, “this is no time for that increased food supply to stop. "

Cullinane tells us the supply of food they have now will last for a while, but keeping up in the coming months without federal assistance will be difficult.

The concern over food shortages comes as two unemployment programs that aid in jobless assistance are coming to an end this December. Cullinane says this will bring more people to their lines needing grocery assistance.

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