East Texas Ag News: This week’s hay news

East Texas Ag News

EAST TEXAS (KLTV/KTRE) - Growing dual-purpose wheat for both grazing and grain production is an important agricultural practice in the southern great plains.

But recently, more Texas producers are wanting to know if alternative systems to dual-purpose wheat, such as grazing cover crops, can bring additional value.

An environmental soil scientist says cover crops are grown for a specific duration in the cropping offseason and then terminated and left in the field to protect against soil erosion and to recycle nutrients in the soil.

They protect the soil surface and provide residues to possibly improve soil structure to reduce compaction and increase soil organic matter. The benefits of using cover crops are documented, but their overall adoption in texas remains low.

However, recent research shows that producers might get the best results by combining cover crops and conservation tillage – and adding grazing to the mix.

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