Bases Loaded Academy launches foundation as way to give back

Bases Loaded Academy launches foundation as a way to give back

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - The Bases Loaded baseball and Softball Academy in Hudson has launched a non-profit foundation that will look to help low income families and high school seniors.

The Foundation will be tied to the Academy that is one of the top training facilities in Angelina County. Gilbert Gonzalez hopes that they will be able to help with paying for a sport that can get expensive quickly.

“With league dues, uniforms, a glove, a bat, a helmet, baseballs and a bag to carry it all, you are looking at a first-time kid playing [paying] $300- $400,” Gonzalez said. That is a lot for parents, especially a single mom or single dad that doesn’t make very much in these times.”

Gonzalez said they will first help families only in Angelina County and then will expand at a later date. The foundation will also look to help high school baseball players in the future.

“If possible we want to help with scholarships to seniors,” Gonzalez said. “It may not happen this May but in the future we will start giving out scholarships to high school kids”

Anyone looking to help with monetary donations or equipment donations can reach the foundation at (936) 875-1924 or on Facebook at:

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