WATCH: Stephen A. Smith on what’s wrong with Cowboys: ‘Do we have time to discuss that?’

WATCH: Stephen A. Smith on what's wrong with Cowboys: 'Do we have time to discuss that?'

EAST TEXAS (KLTV/KTRE) - ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith had some harsh criticisms about the Dallas Cowboys in an East Texas Now interview on Wednesday.

“Do we even have time to discuss that?” Smith said with a laugh. “You have an owner that needs to know how to focus on the business of football and not football. Dak Prescott needs to get healthy. Zeke Elliott needs to remember who he was before he went to Cabo. There is a lot they can do to get better but I’m not going to rush them to do it because the worse they are, the worse Dallas Cowboys fans will fell and that’s always a good thing.”

Smith appeared on East Texas Now to promote his new program, “Stephen A’s World.”

“Sports media icon Stephen A. Smith will go beyond the sports headlines to give the audience an authentic and unique understanding of the stories that matter. The show will bring viewers his entertaining perspective, including deep expertise and unparalleled relationships with some of the most influential figures in sports, entertainment, and beyond. In addition to the expert analysis, signature debates, and can’t-miss celebrity interviews, the show will also feature a variety of exclusive segments, including ‘Honorable Mention,’ Stephen A. answering fan video questions from his Twitter and Instagram accounts, using NBA 2K to breakdown a player’s game in ‘Streaming A Smith,’ giving relationship advice to couples where one is prioritizing sports in the ‘Love Doctor’ segment, ‘The Hook,’ where celebrities pick their game winners every Friday, and weekly visits from the one and only ‘Baby Stephen A.’ The new 30-minute episodes will be available every Monday-Friday at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN+ and available anytime on-demand.”

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