Nacogdoches High School students learn volatile current events are history in the making

Nacogdoches High School students learn volatile current events are history in the making

NACGODOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Currents events like the riots at the capitol and the second impeachment of President Donald Trump are making their way into lessons at Nacogdoches I-S-D.

More than once when catching the morning news, U.S. history and current events teacher Jared McNeely has asked, what in the world did I just see.

“This has been unprecedented with corona virus, the election, the recent events with the capitol.” Every topic could lead to heated argument, except in McNeely’s class. He keeps everything in perspective by reminding students over and over, “we’re creating history.”

And sometimes history has a way of repeating itself knows NHS junior Myssa Galatas.

“We look at oh, there were protests before the American Revolution. We look up at the events leading up to the Civil War. We look at all of these events and we see how relevant, we are a part of history.”

Our forefathers certainly debated the issues of the day. McNeely prefers discussion. “We usually try to keep our own personal opinion away from it.”

Junior, Keanbrea Roberts said, “We like change the conversation because we don’t want anyone arguing or fighting over it.”

Like what was observed at the nation’s capitol.

“It’s definitely very scary to think about,” said junior Michelle Coffee. “That people would go out of their way to be violent or try and stop democratic process in anyway.”

Political division, two impeachments, and thousands of National Guardsmen needed for a presidential inauguration can create bitterness. Unless someone is there with a reminder.

“I think it was very important to my father to reassure me,” said junior Ian Williams. “He wants me to know what’s happened is normal. He encourages me to vote because if I don’t vote then this may continue. And it’s very important to keep this undermining of democracy as low as possible.”

The goal is to show young adults democracy can survive.

“There are so many things that we can do,” said Mason Stokes, a NHS junior. “It is our time to make a change in how we live and how we react to certain things.”

A facilitator and bright minds can make that happen.

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