Wedding planning tricky during pandemic, business owners say

Updated: Jan. 27, 2021 at 9:03 PM CST
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - With large scale gatherings limited due to the pandemic, many weddings have had to be canceled or postponed. This has impacted many businesses, including wedding venues and bridal stores.

During a year of uncertainty, planning a dream wedding can become a nightmare. Brides & Belles owner Joann Owers has been in the industry for 34 years, and says she has never seen a year quite like this.

“2020 and now 2021 have been the most volatile as far as changing in the industry from top to bottom,” said Owers.

50 to 75 percent of her clients are buying dresses off the rack due to lack of advanced planning because of wedding date uncertainty.

“People are not buying like they once were, people are leery to purchase a dress too early because they think maybe something will prevent them from having that wedding when they originally planned it,” said Owers.

Although buying off the rack is still a sale, it limits the number of dresses the store can show to other clients and some clients may not be able to get the dress they want, according to Brooke & Bre Bridal manager Amy Hennessy.

“By postponing it they put off getting their dress which sometimes can limit the dresses that we can offer them because there are certain ones that we can get here quicker; other designers we don’t have the option to rush order,” said Hennessy.

That wedding date uncertainty is even being seen in the venue business. Villa di Felicita has had to rework their schedule just because of postponements.

“It has definitely made things more challenging our year of events where we would usually have two to three per week for probably about six months, we would only have one or two a month,” said Taryn Coffey with Villa di Felicita.

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