9-year-old basketball player in Hallsville inspiring teammates

9 Year Old Athlete Inspiring Teammates

HALLSVILLE, Texas (KLTV) - Last Thursday was a fairly back-and-forth basketball game for the Hallsville Little Dribblers. A special moment for nine-year old Kyla Duncan and the crowd happened when she made her first basket in her year of playing with them.

Kyla is determined, tough, and not afraid to ‘get her head in the game.’ She has Down Syndrome and her love for basketball started around two years ago when the family got a basketball hoop for Christmas and Kyla and her brother started playing.

Slowly, she and the neighborhood kids were doing pick up games, and her dad Kip Duncan says, “I’d go outside and she’d be herself making them. And I was like, wow she can make them. And then she’d start making them and making them, and I was like, well, we need to put her in basketball.”

So about a year ago is when she joined the Little Dribblers and has gained skills and friendships.

“I never thought that in a million years my daughter would have real friends,” said Beth Duncan. “She has real friends. She sleeps over with them, I mean they love her. The girls on the team, everybody just, like Kyla’s popular.”

Kyla got the ball on the ground, stood up, bent her knees and got in stance. The ball left her hands and headed straight for the rim. After a couple of rolls on the rim, sink. Kyla made it, her first basket.

“The best thing was the look on her face. And the way she was running off like she just won a championship game, it was unbelievable,” said Holly Long, who oversees the Little Dribblers and is the Hallsville Varsity Coach.

“It was pretty exciting whenever she got it,” said her brother. “Me and all my friends started freaking out.”

9-year-old Hallsville athlete inspiring teammates

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