Lawsuit claims Subway tuna is fake

Lawsuit claims Subway tuna is fake
A lawsuit claims the tuna Subway uses isn't real tuna. Subway says their tuna is wild-caught. (Source: Subway/CNN/file)

(CNN) - Two women in California think something is fishy about the tuna at Subway restaurants.

They have filed a lawsuit, claiming that the sandwich chain’s tuna is not actual tuna.

They note in their complaint that the fish is marketed as a premium product Subway uses in its sandwiches and wraps, but the women said independent tests could not find any tuna in it.

Instead, they said testing found “a mixture of various concoctions.”

According to the Washington Post, a Subway representative said the lawsuit had no merit and that its tuna is not only real but wild caught.

This is not the first time Subway has faced a lawsuit over its sandwiches.

Last year, an Irish court ruled that Subway’s bread has too much sugar in it to be called “bread.”

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