Cardboard cutout of Patrick Mahomes moving around Whitehouse

Cardboard cutout of Patrick Mahomes moving around Whitehouse
WEBXTRA: Patrick Mahomes cutout

WHITEHOUSE, Texas (KLTV) - Maybe you’ve heard of Elf on the Shelf, or Mensch on a Bench. There’s a new phrase becoming popular in Whitehouse, ‘Pat, where you at?’

Precious cargo is traveling the streets of Whitehouse and making people smile while doing so. The Feiden family started #PatWhereYouAt? When they couldn’t make it to the Super Bowl, but wanted to be with Patrick Mahomes on game day.

“Our initial plan was just to hide him around the house and scare Brian, take pictures and post them online,” said wife Betsy Feiden. “I just thought it’d be fun to start a Facebook group and share scaring him with other people and it kind of just grew,” Cole Feiden said, son of lifelong Chiefs fan, Brian Feiden.

Pat Where You At?

Flat Pat, as some call him, has made stops all over Whitehouse since Tuesday. From the school district to the fire and police department. Today he visited the Chamber to bring some spirit to the city.

“It just spawned about as something fun to do as a family and then as people started reaching out to us we thought, let’s go and draw some support and really make it a good time.” Brian said. “Make it fun and light hearted, and get everybody engaged.”

Flat Pat ended up making many friends along the way and even found one who looked similar to him, Jake at State Farm. Agent and owner Chuck Osborn’s initial reaction, “Well, I thought I should’ve eaten more vegetables. We had our window painted last week and everybody’s gearing up for this big game.”

The Feidens realize the hashtag may be consuming but, “No offense to Patrick, we know he goes by Patick and dad is Pat but there was no good rhyme to Patrick where you… So, ‘Pat Where You At’ came about and now we’re probably getting requests right now to make visits throughout the city and it’s absolutely a ball,” he said.

Brian has been a lifelong Chiefs fan. He grew up in St. Joe, Missouri where the Chiefs hold their training camp and then moved here and saw Mahomes play his senior year of high school.

“To see the support in the community is absolutely amazing. How people have rallied around Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. The band wagon is most definitely full,” he laughed. “You know, being a lifelong Chiefs fan, until last year, it was always just one before I die. Just one… Chiefs make it to one Super Bowl before I die. Now it’s, now I want to make it to one Super Bowl to watch the Chiefs before I die.”

Flat Pat will continue making stops throughout the city until Saturday night, possibly Sunday morning. You can follow the journey on their Facebook page.

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