Court documents state Polk County man claimed Capitol ‘is my house’

Cody Connell posing for a photo at the Capitol riots with his cousin, Daniel Adams.
Cody Connell posing for a photo at the Capitol riots with his cousin, Daniel Adams.(FBI)
Updated: Feb. 15, 2021 at 4:08 AM CST
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WASHINGTON DC (KTRE) - New court documents reveal more details about a Goodrich man who is accused of taking part in the Capitol riots on Jan. 6.

Daniel Page Adams, 43, and his cousin, Cody Connell, were arrested on Jan. 16 in connection to the riots. The pair is charged with civil disorder, obstruction of an official proceeding, assaulting certain officers, entering a restricted building, disorderly conduct in a restricted building, disorderly conduct in a capitol building, impeding passage through the capitol grounds and demonstrating in a Capitol building.

Federal prosecutors are requesting Adams be held in prison while he waits for his trial.

According to paperwork filed in the request, Adams was at the front of a pack of rioters, yelling and confronting Capitol officers. He yelled at rioters around him, “Let’s go! Are you ready to push?” according to the document.

Adams and rioters were able to breach the police line, according to the document. A bloodied Adams then made his way to the Capitol and court paperwork says he held a smartphone and recorded the actions.

According to the document, Adams was part of the rioters who broke windows and opened doors. During that time, Adams was seen yelling “This is my house! This is my house!” before entering the Capitol.

Records state Connell had a social media conversation with someone else on Jan. 7 and stated Adams was clubbed and shot with a rubber bullet during the riot.

Connell allegedly said in the conversation, “But we pushed the cops against the wall, they dropped their gear and left. That’s when we went to doors of Capitol building and breached it.”

Prosecution argues Adams should be held due to the nature of the offenses, the weight of the evidence against him, his history and characteristics and the nature and seriousness of the danger which would be posed if he were released.

According to the detention request, Adams was discovered with “a number” of guns throughout his home during a search.

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