Truckers stranded at East Texas truck stops losing revenue

Updated: Feb. 19, 2021 at 10:27 PM CST
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - The backups stretched for miles, as drivers were stranded for hours on Interstate 20 due to icy conditions.

Some truckers didn’t have to spend the night on the road in their truck, as they were lucky enough to find refuge at a truck stop some for several days. Many truckers called the conditions impossible to drive on, like John Young, who has been waiting at the QuikTrip truck stop since Monday.

“You just lose control when you are on ice. You have no power, no say so, you get a big deal like that going it is kind of dangerous,” said Young.

The truck stops were full as the road conditions brought people in from the cold.

“The truck stops are real crowded, covered in ice, not always a way to get in and out, and a lot of places are gridlock so many people have to stop because they just can’t keep driving,” said Steve Runyan.

Just like other places, food, fuel and water are scarce, making a disastrous situation even worse. Some truckers describing the situation as a survival game because they might have to extend their stay at a spot that might not have those resources.

“You are stuck at these places; some people can’t move their truck at all, so now you are relying on being without a bathroom,” said Jessa Armstrong. “Sanitation is a huge issue because you run into overflowing trash cans, nobody is cleaning up, people using the bathroom outside, it is a big thing, it is disgusting; trucking is not glamorous.”

But the biggest issue is being stuck and having to wait out days for conditions to change. Those days turning into potential lost revenue because other jobs can’t be picked up until the first job is finished.

“That’s my money sitting there chilling and I won’t get to make anything else until it is off the truck, and you have prepare for that, obviously, but it still hurts because there is nothing I can do about it,” said Armstrong.

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