Social media group Winter Storm Team brings help to those in need

Social media group Winter Storm Team brings help to those in need

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Some Deep East Texans are set to begin a third week without running water. The wait ended this morning for one Nacogdoches County woman.

The private home repairs, and others like them, happened thanks to the generosity of others.

With a twist of a tap, the sound of running water came from Linda Lawson’s kitchen sink.

“Oh, it’s wonderful,” she said to the sound.

After two weeks, Linda Lawson has hot running water again. Persistence by Crawford Plumbing made it happen.

“He had run a bunch of line under the house, but every time we turned on the water again more of the line cracked,” said Lawson about Jake Crawford, the company owner.

That was Sunday. So, the crew came back Monday morning before 8.

“We have been working 7 days a week, 18 hours a day. And these men are responsible for this. They don’t quit,” said Crawford of his employees.

Agreeing to no overtime, they got the job done.

“I basically have all new plumbing inside and out, plus a new water heater, and it hasn’t cost me anything,” said Lawson. “I’m blessed beyond measure.”

Crawford is working with Winter Storm Team, a Facebook page started by women simply wanting to help people in need

By facilitating repairs and basic requirements like food and water. An Amazon Wishlist makes contributions easy. Plumbing connections are in short supply.

“This is worth its weight in gold,” said Crawford about a connection used to transition PVC pipe with a more modern, flexible pipe.

It’s worth so much more for Lawson, who needed an act of kindness after the year of 2020.

“I had just really given up on humanity,” Lawson said. “This restored my faith. You know there are still good people out there.”

Any individual or company wanting to join the Winter Storm Team, here are the links.

Winter Storm Team Nacogdoches, Texas

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