Dr. Ed Dominguez discusses governor’s decision to remove mask mandate

WATCH: Dr. Ed Dominguez discusses governor's decision to remove mask mandate

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Infectious disease specialist Dr. Ed Dominguez from Methodist Dallas Medical Center spoke with us about Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to open businesses to 100% and to lift the mask mandate on March 10.

Dr. Ed said he is not sure it is wise to let our guard down just yet, especially because there were 5,000 new cases of COVID-19 in Texas yesterday, 60 deaths, and 5,600 people in the hospital fighting the virus.

He said he is concerned about a study that said there are all five of the COVID variants in the state already: The Brazilian, UK, Californian, South African, and New York strains are all reported at Methodist Houston Medical Center. He said that the UK and Brazilian variants are more transmissible, and may elude the current vaccines available.

He feels that if we continue to follow the guidelines that are in place, we may not see a rise in numbers of cases, but it is unknown what will happen after the mandate is lifted until some time passes and date a is kept.

Watch the attached video to see the rest of our conversation with Dr. Ed.

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