City of Nacogdoches officials plan brush collection pickup to start on Monday

Walker says residents must make sure the contractors can get to the brush.
Walker says residents must make sure the contractors can get to the brush.(KTRE)
Published: Mar. 14, 2021 at 6:32 PM CDT
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NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Many East Texans are still trying to clean up their yards a month after the winter storm came through. Nacogdoches city officials say a lot of brush has accumulated as a result.

The more brush collects in yards, the more work there is to be done.

“We only have limited crews that we can use. We have two brush trucks that we do daily collection that we do 52 weeks out of the year. So, this is overwhelming for us. Our residents are having to wait more than a month to get their brush picked up,” said Cary Walker, the manager for Nacogdoches Public Works.

Walker said his crew cannot get much done in one day. So, he has called in a contractor to help with the cleanup process on Monday.

“We are asking all of our residents if they can, anything that is left in their yard, please bring it to the curb, and we can get it picked up,” Walker explained. “When the contractors leave, and our trucks are done, our goal is to have everyone’s brush collected until there is nothing left in the yard or on their homes. I would advise that people help their neighbors. If you do not have brush, but your neighbors do, then let us make it a team effort to get this done.”

Between the normal crew pickup and what residents have brought to the landfill this past week, Walker estimated 55 to 60,000 cubic yards of brush on the ground.

“From our estimates from driving around, it looks like we have another 30,000 cubic yards on the ground right now that are still waiting to be collected. It is just more than our trucks can run,” Walker added. “Our trucks carry 24 yards at a time, and we haul 300 yards a day. If you do the math, it’s just going to take forever if we don’t get some help.”

The contractors will be out helping Nacogdoches residents for the next two weeks. Walker said this is a massive brush collection effort, so they split the city into 21 grids, in order to tackle it.

Walker said residents must make sure the contractors can get to the brush.

“They cannot go on private property to collect your brush. So, if it is in the yard, up next to the house or on the roof, then we cannot get it. We can pick it up or the right way and that is what we require residents to do,” Walker explained.

Walker said the contractor will bring about four additional trucks to help haul brush to the landfill where it will be ground up.

Again, Nacogdoches city residents are asked to bring the brush to the curb of their houses for pickup starting on Monday morning.

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