SFA Ladyjacks ready to play bracket buster in San Antonio

SFA Ladyjacks ready to play bracket buster in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (KTRE) - The SFA Ladyjacks have finished their practices and a re ready to take the court on Sunday against Georgia Tech in San Antonio.

“It has been a different week,” SFA senior Marrisa Banfield said. “An interesting week. It is fun to get to practice again.”

The team has been on the road since they left for the Sounthland Conference Tournament in Katy on March 12. This week players have been confined to individual rooms most of the day, except to get COVID tested and to go to practice.

“Every time we walk to testing we interact with each other,” junior Stephanie Visscher said. “We talk and have fun. We make sure we take care of that precious time we get together.”

The team has found creative things to do along the way.

“Whatever we do it always seems to start with Avery Brittingham,” sophomore Zya Nugent said. “AB always finds a way to get things going. We have a game of Kareokee that we do on our phones.”

A lot of opinions were given out on who might sing the best but only one Ladyjack we talked to said they sung the best and that one was Nugent.

“I will just say me,” Nugent said while laughing.

“Of course you would be the one to say that,” laughed coach Mark Kellogg.

“They were using a box of masks as a football.,” Kellogg said. “They were running routes with a box of masks. With the simplest stuff they get creative.”

The Ladyjacks are in their first NCAA tournament in 15 years. As a 12-seed they will take on 5-seed Georgia Tech. The team does not see themselves as underdogs. Why would they? They lead the nation in steals and forced turnovers and are currently on a 19 game winning streak. The team will be looking for their first win in a National Tournament since 2000.

“We haven’t had that recognition this year but we haven’t had those big opportunities to be on national television,” Kellogg said. “These kids have put themselves in position to do something special this time of year. We want that recognition on the national level.”

SFA and Georgia Tech will face each other at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, March 21. The game will be televised on ESPN.

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