Angelina County commissioner resigns citing shifting priorities

Angelina County commissioner resigns citing shifting priorities
Updated: Mar. 24, 2021 at 3:18 PM CDT
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ANGELINA COUNTY, Texas (KTRE) - Angelina County precinct one commissioner Stephen Allen announced he will be resigning at the end of this week.

There has been an ongoing battle between Angelina County commissioners and the county judge when it comes to the unit road system.

Angelina County Judge Don Lymbery says commissioner Stephen Allen’s resignation was a shock.

“I was looking forward to commissioner Allen and had mentioned to him that once we get this engineer in place, I was really looking to him to be a huge asset to help this engineer get his feet on the ground,” Lymbery said. “I had hopes to make this a very successful thing, because of commissioners Allen’s background with TXDOT and with everything that he knew about road construction.”

In his resignation letter, Allen states that he does not agree with the judge’s behavior and that the new duties under unit road system do not align with his wants.

The unit road system creates a roads department with one person, an engineer, responsible for all county roads.

Judge Lymbery says at last check, the commissioners were not on the same page about the engineer position job description within the unit road system.

“When we had the other workshop, I made some changes that they wanted implemented, and we made all those changes. Now the complaint is that they were not include when we were putting the workshop together,” Lymbery added. “It is another delay in tactic and I have to say that they are just not wanting to cooperate with the voting public. They just don’t want to go forward with this.”

In order to be a county engineer, you must fit the qualifications.

Out of five inquires and two resumes, Lymbery says they only had one qualified applicant and all the commissioners interviewed the candidate.

“It was a great interview. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Cheshire said it was a great interview, but we just need to interview more people because one was not enough for him. So, we have tried to work with the commissioners and reached out for some other interviews,” Lymbery explained. “Now they have taken that completely out of my hands. They do not want the judge involved. Now they want just the commissioners to be involved in going out and getting other applications in.”

Lymbery says he is flabbergasted by what he calls un-cooperation between the commissioners.

“The public sees it, we hear it all the time and the phone rings all the time. The public can see exactly what they are doing, but they don’t care,” Lymbery added.

Judge Lymbery accepted Allen’s resignation letter. Lymbery says the unit toad system has been voted on by the public and the current commissioners are standing in the way of allowing it to happen.


(PREVIOUS)-- Stephen R. Allen has tendered his resignation from his office as the Angelina County Commissioner of Precinct 1.

According to the statement Allen sent out, this resignation will be effective as of this coming Friday. Allen said his decision is due in part to the fact that his priorities no longer align with the duties of the job.

“It was truly an honor to have been voted into this position by the voters of Precinct 1. There is much that I had hoped to accomplish and I sincerely hate that I will be unable to continue,” Allen said in the statement. “When I was elected to this position, it was my hope to use my knowledge and previous experience of road maintenance in order to improve the roads in Precinct 1. Now that the Unit Road System has been voted into place, the duties of an Angelina County Commissioner no longer align with the job that I had hoped to fill.

Allen also stated that he no longer finds himself in agreement or able to work with Angelina County Judge Don Lymbery.

“In addition, I am not in agreement with the recent behavior portrayed by the Angelina County Judge,” he said. “Unfortunately, I have found myself unable to successfully work with and communicate effectively with Mr. Lymbery for the betterment of Angelina County.”

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