Time is running out to renew your driver’s license or ID

What you need to know before April 14th comes

Time is running out to renew your driver’s license or ID
The waiver to use an expired ID or license ends on April 14th. (Source: KLTV)

TEXAS (KLTV) - Time is running out for Texas Drivers who need to renew their license or I-d. Around this time a year ago, Governor Gregg Abbott granted a waiver on expired driver’s licenses and id’s because of the pandemic. This allowed Texas drivers to use an expired card, but this waver is set to be lifted on April 14th.

After Governor Abbott issued this waiver for motorists to use expired cards, many people took advantage of waiting before heading to their DPS office. Driving professional Roy Dudley runs Mr. D’s Driver’s Education. He suspects “all of these folks that have been riding this out to say ‘oh I don’t have to get renewed right now, I can keep driving on expired,’ well that’s going to come to an end here in about a month.”

The waiver will be lifted three weeks from today, so DPS is urging customers to make an appointment or renew online today.

“They’re going to now try and get in at the last window of opportunity to get that license renewed and I think that’s going to create a sort of bottleneck of all of these folks trying to do it at one time,” says Dudley.

As a COVID-19 precaution DPS offices have functioned by appointment only since May -- this has left many people waiting months before they can get in the office. DPS offices have moved some services online, like renewing your license, but for some it hasn’t been easy.

Tanya Higdon moved within the area and is hoping to renew her license and update her address, but she says “it just will not go through, it says oh sorry we can’t complete your paperwork or whatever.”

Higdon says both she and her son, like many others, are struggling to get it done online and when she tries to call, she says “nobody answers...I push the buttons for the prompts for what’s going on, and ‘please go online’ so”

DPS offices have also extended their hours to try and get more people in their door -- while you have three weeks before this waiver expires Dudley says he can’t stress enough the importance of planning ahead and starting this process now rather than later.

To assist customers with expired licenses who are unable to schedule an appointment prior to the April 14 deadline, DPS has implemented a new procedure. If a customer has a renewal appointment that falls after the deadline, they will be able to request a temporary driving permit that will be valid until their appointment date. For additional details on the new procedure, please visit the DPS website.

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