East Texas roofers struggle to meet high demand with low supply

“With COVID, mixed with all of the storms, it just created a perfect storm.”

East Texas roofers struggle to meet high demand with low supply
Texas roofers struggling to keep up with supply and demand issues (Source: KLTV)

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Many Texans might be swiftly recovering from the impacts of last month’s freeze, but some roofers aren’t seeing as quick of a come back. Several roofing companies statewide are struggling with supply and demand. According to some roofers in East Texas, it’s been especially tough dealing with a constant flow of demand and reduced supply.

As we get into the thick of severe weather season in Texas -- they tell us there are some other problems on their radar.

“The weather is just super brutal. Lots of hail storms, tornadoes and things like that,” said Tyler Morris of Morris Roofing and Construction in Tyler. He says that’s all it will take to cause a leak in the roof of a home. Some roofers tell us the unpredictable Texas weather, along with the pandemic, is creating issues for roofers to maintain supply.

Bob Bowman of All Seasons Roofing in Lufkin said, “pre-pandemic it was man power problems, and now it’s supply and demand. One carried on into the other and here we are.”

While the demand is rising, so are the supply prices.

According to Morris there isn’t a major lack of supplies right now but that “some of the shingle suppliers will email us and say ‘hey due to inflation, shingle prices or gutter prices are going to be going up 7 to 15% as a whole.”

While roofers might be backed up several weeks, Morris says production companies are backed up at just about the same rate in getting out supplies out. Even when they can get the product, it’s not always a homeowners first choice.

“If you look around at all of the new roofs coming up you’re going to see a lot of black and gray roofs,” said Morris. He adds, “that’s because that’s the shingles they’re really producing right now as a whole, and there’s no wait time for those.”

It may take months for people looking to get more detailed or different colored shingles, but luckily so far, Bowman said most people have been okay with the small selection of choices. Bowman said “it’s kind of turned into a thing. They see this guy get black and that guy get black, so they say ‘okay let’s go with it, it looks good.’ Everyone is just trying to do what we can do to get through this even if it comes down to your house and picking the colors.”

Both Morris and Bowman ask people to be patient and know they’re working to get to every house on their list with the supplies they have ready. They advise people looking to get a roof fixed or replaced to do your due diligence. They said it’s always a good idea to find an insured roofer and to be sure and check out for red flags like, waiving deductibles, sine this is illegal in Texas.

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