Governor, speaker of house join Rep. Ashby in touting broadband bill

Greg Abbott/Ashby - VOD - clipped version

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Broadband internet access became something of a necessity after Texans spent nearly a full year attending work and school remotely online. Based on his words at a Monday morning press conference, it appears that Gov. Greg Abbott and Lufkin’s State House representative, Trent Ashby, are aiming for an expansion of broadband internet across the state.

In the previous state congressional session, Abbott signed a law creating the Governor’s Broadband Development Council to provide recommendations on expanding broadband access in unserved areas.

“We are working to put those recommendations in place and that includes establishing a state broadband office,” Abbott said. “This office will implement a plan that removes barriers and reduces financial burdens so that every family and business has access to high-speed internet. Rep. Ashby’s bill would establish this office and plan.”

Ashby said that this is an issue “for all Texans.”

“One of the great things about House Bill 5 is that no matter what zip code you live in whether you are in the most urban of urban inner city, or in the most far remote place in rural Texas, this bill is going to move Texas into the 21st Century in a big way,” Ashby said. “As the governor said ... access to the internet, broadband internet, is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. And COVID-19 has really laid bare the problems that exist for those that don’t have the resources to subscribe to internet services, or across rural Texas, those who don’t even have access to it.

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