Kile G. West 5K Memorial aims to raise funds for military scholarship

Kile G. West 5K Memorial aims to raise funds for military scholarship

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - The legacy of the first and only SFA Army ROTC graduate to be killed in combat continues. The third annual Kile G. West 5k Memorial run will be held April 10.

“So, on run day, you’re going to be here,” instructs SFA

Military Science Department chair Lt. Col. James Attaway. His maneuver is a 5K run honoring 1st Lt. Kile G. West.

“When he died on Memorial Day in 2007 he was actually in the back of a Bradley fighting vehicle. There had been an American helicopter that was shot down and Kile and his men were out to rescue that crew when they hit an improvised explosive device and it killed he and three of his men.”

Lt. West was 23 years old, not much older than SFA military science students following in his footsteps.

“So, I’m branching field artillery which is the same as him,” shared Molly Snider.

Molly Snider will go thru basic officer leadership course at Ft Sill, Oklahoma, just like Lt. West.

“Makes me feel proud. Joining the service the same as him and making sure I can do the best that I can do.”

The mission next weekend is to raise money so other students can follow Lt. West’s lead.

“All the proceeds we get from this will be going to the Kile G. West Scholarship Fund, so we’re hoping to have an endowment for a scholarship on that,” explained Col. Attaway. “We’re about 40% of the way there. So, probably about two more years I think we’ll have enough funds to start that endowed scholarship for Kile in his name.”

The April 10 5k run or walk is designed for the enitre family. Ol’ Cotton cannon will fire activities off.

“We’ll have some people that walk it with their dogs. Some people jog it,” said Attaway, who plans to tote a 35 pound pack.

Enjoyment is the overall mission. And the opportunity to pay respect for a family and a son who made the ultimate sacrifice.

For more information or to sign up for the race, click here.

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