City of Nacogdoches to allow return of public events, park and pavilion rentals

City of Nacogdoches to allow return of public events, park and pavilion rentals

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Public gatherings have not been allowed in Nacogdoches for the past year due to the pandemic. Now, with the recent lifting of the governor’s safety protocols private and community events are resuming.

In February, Nacogdoches City Council unanimously agreed the community is ready to safely open back up for events.

The Nacogdoches Convention and Visitors Bureau, now called Visit Nacogdoches, is at the helm.

“We are now the tip of the spear acting on the behalf of the city,” said executive director, Sherry Morgan.

Special permitting begins at the Visit Nacogdoches website. Staff is aware during a pandemic, special permitting for large public gatherings comes with a sense of responsibility.

“It’s tenuous. It is a very thin line that we tote here because we always want to put the safety of our guests and visitors at the forefront.”

So outdoor events are preferred.

Joanna Temple at Visit Nacogdoches will coordinate permitting and city services that may be needed.

“I think most of the events we see coming up will be outdoor with wide open spaces,” said Temple.

Non-profit, Millard’s Crossing Historic Village is now reminding patrons the entire grounds can be rented for special events.

Ashley Morgan is a board member.

“For just $2,000 you get the entire village which allows people to space out as much as they like to.”

No matter where a public event is held, Visit Nacogdoches is ready to promote it. Marketing experts will know What’s Happening in town, which is also the name of a social media tab listing all the week’s events.

“Knowing about all the events has always, sort of been a hiccup in the flow in information, but now we are at the beginning, middle and end of that entire event process,” said Sherry Morgan.

Private events are on go too. Citizens wishing to utilize park pavilions and Liberty Hall can continue to contact the Nacogdoches Parks and Recreation Department.

All patrons will still be encouraged, but not required to utilize COVID-19 safety protocols.

Individuals wishing to host community events or larger events requiring municipal services such as Public Works, Public Safety, etc. will now initiate the permit process at

Citizens wishing to utilize parks, pavilions, or any other city-owned facility such as Liberty Hall can do so online at or by contacting the Nacogdoches Parks & Recreation Department at 936-559-2960. Reservations and payments can be made online.

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