Wisconsin hunters help with Texas feral hog problem

Wisconsin Hog Hunters ETX

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Feral hogs continue to be a costly problem in East Texas, and everything from helicopter hunting to pesticide sprays have been used to reduce the population.

From year ‘round open season, to trapping, to helicopter and hot air balloon hunting, hunters are trying every method to bag feral hogs.

A group of hunters regularly comes from Wisconsin to get as many as they can.

“I’ve been coming down here for the last seven years. I got to be part of that, so I came down here to help reduce the population. We’ve been here nine days, 10 days, something like that,” says Wisconsin native Mitchell Overbeck.

The groups been coming down to East Texas a couple of times a year.

But this is not sport. They process the meat for a mission.

“Brought it home and it was a hit. In the past we’ve donated to local people down here in Texas. Needy families down here that we’ve donated meat to, the needy families up north that we’ve donated meat to,” Mitchell says.

“They’ve actually made contact with various landowners and discovered the real problems that these pigs do. They’ve taken on their own and they’re doing us a big favor, by helping control these hogs. Anybody that’s lived in East Texas knows how bad these wild hogs can be,” says Gregg County Game Warden Todd Long.

Their reward is just knowing that they’re helping out.

“We’re so so blessed and happy that we can help with the community,” Overbeck says.

The hunters are heading back to Wisconsin this weekend with the processed meat that they will give to needy families.

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