Lufkin COVID-19 survivor home after spending 3 months in hospital

Lufkin COVID-19 survivor spent 3 months in hospital

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - After three months in the hospital and surviving COVID-19, an East Texas man is back home.

There were times he was not expected to live, and his family saying it ended up being the fight of their lives.

Jennifer McKinley said her father, 61-year-old Frankie Putnam of Lufkin, was diagnosed with COVID-19 back in December.

“It has been a long road. A lot of our family has not seen my dad in almost four months,” McKinnley said. “I mean, his grand kids and his great-grandkids, it has been hard. It is very serious virus. It is affected our families in so many ways, and we still have a long road to go. God, hug your family because we’re not promised tomorrow.”

Today, family members gathered around as Putnam was discharged from the hospital.

His other daughter, Chrystal Duke said they are happy because, in January, he was not expected to live.

“It has been very hard because I live out of town. So, I have not been here as much. I only got to see my dad via Facetime, and when they thought he was going to pass away, they called us in,” Duke added.

Duke said it has been a tough three months for their family.

“It means a lot. I was very skeptical of this whole COVID-19. I took it as another virus like the flu, some people get it, and some people do not. But seeing what my dad has gone through, I would say even if you were not concerned about yourself be concerned about somebody else,” Duke added. “You don’t know what health problems they already have. And to go from my dad as this big strong man and being told that he might not make it, that was very hard to hear.”

Family members said Putnam is a fighter, and he is ready to get back to work already.

“Thank God and his angels, the nurses and the doctors, they are what saved my dad. So, I am very grateful for that,” Duke said.

Duke said seeing her father walk again was a relief. The family is looking forward to a sense of normalcy by having him back. They are not sure how he contracted the virus.

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