As Election Day approaches, Lufkin voters have 3 choices for mayor’s position

Lufkin mayoral candidates package

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - The City of Lufkin is just a few weeks away from electing a new mayor.

Current Mayor Bob Brown announced back in February he would not be running again. Now, there are three candidates looking to fill the role.

East Texas News Weekend’s T’Ebonie Tanner spoke with the candidates about their plans if elected.

As Election Day swiftly approaches, three mayoral candidates are vying for the job in Lufkin. Candidate Mark Hicks said one of his campaign priorities is creating a voice for all.

“It is important to me that we bring everybody into the conversation when we’re talking about the future of Lufkin,” Hicks said. “Such as the things that we need to do and the problems that we need to solve. It is important that everybody be a part of that conversation.”

Mayoral candidate Roshin Rowjee said he wants to step in because people are concerned about jobs.

“We need more growth. We need a candidate that is going to aggressive towards bringing proper industries into this region and proper businesses so that there are quality jobs that will improve everybody’s quality of life,” Rowjee added.

Mayoral candidate Don Langston said Lufkin voters are asking for growth.

“Growth in infrastructure, water sewer and the roads. People are concerned about the fact that we lost our water last year, and it was totally preventable,” Langston said. “Those huge generators out there require maintenance to operate. We slipped on that maintenance, and I would like to see that area strengthened also.”

All three mayoral candidates have been posting signs around town, going door to door, and posting online ads to make sure residents know who they are and what they stand for.

“When people are looking into moving to a community, they are going to drive through that community and say, ‘There is something here that draws me to Lufkin,’” Hicks said. “So that has been a lot of my involvement in the downtown area is creating something that we can show off in our community to bring people in. Quality of life is very important.”

The main topics have been job creation, infrastructure improvements, and support of local and new businesses.

“We have one focus and one goal in the future. The only way we change our political and economic trajectory, it starts with district lines,” Rowjee added. “They have to match the Pineywoods of East Texas counties and our local and our state leaders to be aggressive by bringing businesses and industry to our region.”

“I have a platform of lower taxes again. We have done it successfully within my 12 years on council and they have started going up again,” Langston added. “We are not getting more service for that additional money. And I think if you put the money back in the taxpayer’s pockets, they use it. That helps grow the economy.”

In Lufkin, early voting will begin April 19th through April 27th at Lufkin’s Park and Recreation facility. Election Day will be on Saturday, May 1st.

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