2020 tournament cancellations hit trophy businesses hard

2020 tournament cancellations hit trophy businesses hard

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - The 2020 lockdown and the pandemic hurt countless East Texas businesses and canceled regular events that took revenue away from workers.

With sporting events like baseball and martial arts, tournaments canceled the ‘trophy business’ lost a staggering amount of revenue.

‘A-1’ trophies in Longview are back in business, after a near-disastrous 2020.

“2019 was a great year, and then corona came around. I guess the toughest part was the uncertainty. where it ends and how deep it goes?” said owner Russell Davis.

Started 36 years ago, a large part of their business has always been sports tournaments. And one after the other canceled during the pandemic.

“So there goes all the awards. The mask mandates and the outdoor gathering mandates just killed all of the events that we service. It knocked us completely out last year. April last year we were down 80-percent from 2019,” Russell says.

With all of the tournaments canceled and all of that revenue lost they had to refocus in other areas.

From personal gifts to engraving firearms, Davis promoted his business to anyone he could.

“I was in it for the long haul. We do a lot of corporate awards, gifts, weddings. All of the local banks, local oil and gas production, kind of our bread and butter, and that kept us going,” he says.

And he’s back to normal business as the tournaments have returned.

“Big sigh of relief. So we’re in the thick of our busy season right now. Things are looking great,” Davis says.

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