City of Lufkin asks residents to stop flushing cleaning wipes

City of Lufkin asks residents to stop flushing cleaning wipes
Cleaning wipes being flushed down the toilet are causing significant sewage problems in Lufkin neighborhoods. (Source: City of Lufkin)

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - City of Lufkin officials are making a public plea to residents to stop flushing baby and/or cleaning wipes down the toilet as doing so results in a clogged sewage system.

The Brookhollow subdivision, particularly around Sunflower Street at the intersection of Gobblers Knob Road, especially has experienced significant sewage blockages due to large-scale flushing of these wipes. On April Wednesday, City of Lufkin Water Department employees responded to the area for the second time in two weeks to clean out a clogged sewer line.

According to Jessica Pebsworth, communications director for the City of Lufkin, the workers initially believed the debris was some type of shop towel, though initial confirmation of this was difficult due to the amount of sewage the rags had absorbed. After discovering more, it became apparent what type of material the blockage consisted of.

“We do not believe this is connected to residential use based on the volume. On both occasions, workers filled several 30-gallon trash bags with the material,” Pebsworth said. “We’re not asking anyone to step forward and confess, but if you are the entity responsible, please stop flushing these.”

Pebsworth noted that even the smaller wipes used to clean babies can cause blockages and residents were asked to discontinue flushing those as well.

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