Mutton Bustin’ gives the youngest athletes a chance to be part of the rodeo

Mutton Bustin at the Angelina Benefit Rodeo

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - Eight seconds on a bull can be an adrenaline rush for a grown man. Eight seconds on a sheep for a child can be the exact same thing.

Mutton Busting is an event at the rodeo that allows for the youngest rodeo fans to get involved in the action. The Angelina Benefit Rodeo will have 12 kids, ages 5-9, try their hands at the event each night. It is one of the more popular attractions at the event.

“I have more people that call about it and ask about it,” Lufkin Host Lions Club President Jeff Harkness said. “We have some that go to Boot Barn everyday to make sure their kid is entered because you get one entry per day..”

To an adult sheep are just fluffy livestock, but to kids they can be as intimidating as the bulls that main event the show.

“For a five or six year old, it is scary,” Harkness said. “But they just lay down grab on to some hair and hold on all the way.”

On Night one Noah Litton from Huntington took home the top ride. His secret is hold on tight and show no fear.

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