Bad weather, pandemic force completion date of new Emeline Carpenter Elementary School back

Bad weather, pandemic force completion date of new Emeline Carpenter Elementary School back

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Construction delays on the long-anticipated Carpenter Elementary in Nacogdoches are leading to some logistical uncertainties.

The impressive size of the new Carpenter Elementary leaves the impression the project is moving along. It is, just not on schedule according to deputy superintendent, Michael Martin.

“The substantial completion date is now Sept. 14. The original date was July.”

If that timeline holds, about 500 students will not move into their new school at the end of summer as originally planned, but rather after the Christmas break.

“Moving at mid-year possibly will be a challenge, but it’s a challenge that they’ll welcome,” assured Lola Moore, Carpenter principal. “Maybe they’ll have some distractions at the beginning, but the power of learning, they’ll make a smooth transition.”

Contractor WRL told administrators delayed supplies caused by the pandemic and the winter storm put the 2018 $21-million bond project behind schedule.

Based on the contract, the district has the ability to issue penalties against the contractor, but at this stage of the game the administration and the board decided not to take any punitive action.

“It is a concern that we have, however, we want to maintain a good working relationship with our contractor because they are working on other projects that we have,” explained Martin.

An addition at McMichael Middle School is on schedule. At this point, it’s about 60% complete. The Malcolm Rector Career Center is about 85% complete. The much larger Carpenter Elementary remains at 60% complete.

School administrators say a timeline won’t be released to parents until its positive no more delays will occur. Rezoning, the consolidation of two middle schools, and the restructuring of an elementary school remain top projects for the district.

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