Diboll ISD seniors accumulate over $375,000 in scholarships from Decision Day

Diboll ISD seniors accumulate over $375,000 in scholarships from Decision Day
Updated: Apr. 28, 2021 at 10:57 PM CDT
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LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - Many high school students across East Texas are one month away from graduation. On Diboll ISD, staff recognized the seniors through a signing ceremony called “Decision Day,” which highlights their scholastic efforts and plans after graduation.

Signed, sealed and ready to deliver: Diboll High School principal Andre Emmons says all 105 seniors have plans upon graduation.

“It is our job as educators to prepare them for the next level. Whether it be going to the military, going to college or going straight into the workforce. We make sure they are ready to go,” Emmons said.

This is the first decision day for all Diboll seniors. Hannah Cooper plans to attend Texas A&M to major in finance.

“For me it’s really just like a sigh of relief. I would advise people younger than me to continue to work hard and just continue to apply for those scholarships,” Cooper explained. “You might not feel like it’s paying off right now, but when you get to your senior year, it really starts to pay off.”

Leading up to “Decision Day,” students say the counselors prepped them for the SAT and helped them apply for scholarships.

“In the past, most schools only recognized kids that went to the college or universities. Well, we have a group right here that is going straight into the workforce. We want to celebrate them as well,” Emmons added. “We prepared them with different certifications such as welding, or nursing. They can come out making just as much money as someone who goes to a university.”

Diboll ISD senior Jaylon Willis says he feels prepared for this next chapter in life.

“I’m excited for what’s to come. I plan on attending Angelina college and majoring in health science. I’m currently taking classes at Angelina for CNA, phlebotomy and EKG,” Willis added.

Another student, Josias Saucedo was offered a $180,000 ROTC scholarship from Texas A&M. He plans to be an officer in the marine corp.

“It has definitely been one of the hardest processes that I have ever done. I really did not plan to go to college. I just planned to enlist in the marine corps,” Saucedo added. “They offered me an opportunity to do something better with myself. I went for it and got it. It was not easy, because only a few were picked upon the many. So, it has been a great honor.”

As of right now, Diboll ISD seniors have received about $377,000 and counting. Emmons says more scholarships will come in May.

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